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Wild boar hunting – Serbia – Vojvodina

Published on 24 Sep 2015

hunting and shooting, shooting fails, wild boar, hunting, Serbia

  • colby turnerafter seeing that one guy shoot down the road at that other guy.if i was there i would climb a tree and start praying
  • sanglier4012:03!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!retrait du permis ,il tire 2 fois sur son voisin,et ca ne vous a pas dérangé...une honte
  • MrHeteroErectusOne of the reasons they miss so often is they are using scopes not designed for that close of shooting a running animal. Takes too long to get the Boar in the scopes view. Put a Red-Dot on them and they would never use long range scopes again. Maybe they aren't legal there? The guy at 12:05 would not be hunting with me again for sure!
  • Mali musaA jadnog li lova, bolje da ih utjerate u dvorište i onda pucajte, bilo bi neke vajde od vas Možda...bolje igrajte playstation
  • Vladimir KrnićAlavštini na 12:05 treba zabraniti odlaske u lov!
  • Štef JutkaOvaj maneken (mamlaz) na 12:05 će vas sve pobit, tjeraj to iz lovišta ako vam je život mio !!!
  • Lò Văn Niêmsan kieu nay thi het loi luon
  • sebastiao alves de souzalegal muito bom  eu adoro uma boa caçada
  • Marley12:05 being rather wild wasn't he!!
  • Petar RenicPucate jedni prema drugima...   pošto je 99 % svinja pobjeglo možda su manevarski metci...onda je OK
  • GT Levioh no please 
    dont kill your cousins
  • Kiril KiryakovМноги лов, али ће убити момци ..... пуцају једни на друге
  • Sasha Ilicjbt neznalice
  • Dany Chasse60De ma part certain tir son extrément dangereux comme le mec qui tir le sanglier le long du bois et il y a un poster un peut plus loin
    Il ya de beaux tir de belle carabine
    belle vidéo
  • Connor Matsishope these guys cant have handguns in there country.....
  • Tiny222OMG !! Shot taken at 12.05 ??? Just pure luck he didnt kill the hunter down the line... IDIOTS! Safety shall allways come as prio 1...
  • Appalachian StillhunterTotal disregard for safety.
  • Reel-LentlessHOLY CR$%^ I have never seen as much absolute dangerous and negligent firearm use in any situation. The fact everyone is knowingly participating in this manner is just STUPID! I am all for the hunt but no way in H%^& would you get me within 100 miles of anything like it.
  • Appalachian StillhunterThese clowns are gonna shoot each other!
  • Christian Bronnerune vraie équipe de dangereux : déplacement au poste , tir sanglier rentrant dans l'enceinte, tir à genoux , tir dans l'axe de son voisin qui se planque d'ailleurs , etc ........
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