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Venison Rib Roast, Outback Wood Grill

Fall is by far my favourite time of year, and this fall has been extra special, with my 10 year old daughter starting her first full season deer hunting with me, and taking her first buck!

Article by Chuck Norton

What you'll need:

1. Fresh venison rib roast, cut from the back loin section, trimmed
2. Old WoodFire Grill KK's 10 BBQ Rub
3. Montreal steak seasoning
4. Chopped parsley flakes
5. Olive oil
6. 2-3 strips of bacon
7. Cast iron skillet
8. Hickory, Pecan, Apple or mesquite wood

Photo Courtesy of Chuck Norton's Grill

Here's how to do it:

Season the roast with Old WoodFire Grill KK's 10 BBQ Rub and let it rest couple of hours. You can leave it at room temp for couple of hours, if it's going to be longer before you cook it, go ahead and refrigerate it. But take it out about an hour so prior to cooking to let it come up to room temp, or close. Just prior to going on the grill or smoker, lightly brush the roast with olive oil, then lightly brush with montreal steak seasoning and parsley flakes. Optionally you can lay a couple of strips of bacon across the top of the roast to help with moisture if you desire. For this cook, I did use the bacon, but I'm not sure it was necessary.